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Our Mission

Dream Nation Dolls help girls find their self esteem Super-Power! “7 in 10 girls believe that they are not good enough or don’t measure up in some way, including their looks, performance in school and relationships with friends and family members.” (

Our Mission: To educate one million girls, boys, and families about the power of social emotional learning. We provide products and programming to educate and empower families to love themselves and each other.

Here’s a clip of Bella discovering her Self Esteem Super-Power, which is given to her by her Granny, who loved everyone she came in contact with. When we love ourselves, we can love others. That’s the Dream Nation mission!

Watch Clip - How BELLA discovered her super-powers

BELLA Dream Nation Doll

Who is Bella?

BELLA promotes positive Self Esteem, Self Awareness, and Positive Identity! She is the leader of Dream Nation, a place where everyone is free to dream, not limited by any barriers. Equity, inclusion, and access to dream is the standard in the Dream Nation Universe.  Bella is a Super-Doll who has the Super-Power to see the gifts in others, which is represented in her Super-Glasses. 

Included: Doll, Affirmation Journal, Stylish Outfit: black and white jumpsuit, white boots, black tee, yellow faux fur, baby blue fedora hat, fashion earrings, sunflower glasses.

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Dream Nation Dolls Universe

A Look at Dream Nation Universe!

Dream Nation Doll characters reside in a universe called “Dream Nation,” which is a community celebrating creativity, potential, and equity.  Everyone can dream without limits and warriors in Dream Nation!

-  Dr. Eboni Bell 

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Our happy clients!

I remember when telling Charleigh she was going to be in a commercial and how excited she was. I didn’t give all the details right away because I knew she would be over the moon. To see her face the actual day of production and how she interacted with the other girls and played with a doll that looked like her was priceless. Charleigh left filming that day feeling empowered, feeling beautiful, feeling seen. Representation really does matter and allows our girls to Dream without limitations. - L. Salter 

Watch Video Clip - Introducing Dream Nation Dolls

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