Meet the Founder

Dr. Eboni Bell is a wife, mother, educator, and creative entrepreneur. She is married to Rev. Dr. Ronald Bell, Jr. and mother to Ronald and David Bell. She is originally from Emporia, Virginia and attended the University of Maryland Eastern Shore, where she ran track and field and studied Language Arts, Radio and Television Broadcasting, and Counseling Education. She then went on to attain her Doctoral Degree in Educational Leadership. Dr. Eboni is the Founder of the How She Does it Global Network, Dream Girl Subscription Box, the I Dream in Color Art Brand, and All Things Woman Talk Show.

Eboni loves to inspire people to maximize their potential by using their God-given gifts and talents to find solutions to change the world. She believes that all of us have something unique to offer the world through our creativity! By teaching women to plan for their success, Eboni guides women to unlock their God-given potential by providing them with tools, strategies, and coaching through the How She Does it Global Network. Through her company, Dream Girl Box, she empowers girls with toolkits to enhance their life and leadership skills through social emotional learning.  

Through education, arts, and media, she wants to impact the world and spread the Good News of Jesus Christ. She loves traveling, all things culture and diversity, the arts, good food, and spending time with family and friends. 

Dr. Bell is a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha, Sorority, Incorporated, and loves to support all things empowerment for women and girls. She is a self care and mental health advocate, and school counselor by profession. How does she do it all, you may be asking? Well, you can follow her at @thecreativedreamer_  on Instagram, or visit her websites at and


About Dream Nation Dolls 

Dream Nation Dolls empower girls to change the world by promoting creativity, potential, and equity amongst girls and women. Dream Nation Dolls were created by Dr. Eboni Bell, who is a wife, mom, educator, artist, and the owner of Dream Girl Box.  She is originally from Emporia, Virginia, and has always been a big dreamer.  As a previous collegiate athlete, classroom teacher, school counselor, and now a mother, Dr. Eboni knows the power of cultivating the gifts and talents in others, which is why she created Dream Nation Dolls. Imagine a nation where everyone has the opportunity to Dream, without limits. That is Dream Nation, the community of Dream Nation Dolls. As residents of Dream Nation, we use our potential, we dream big, and we fulfill our destiny by using our God-given gifts and talents to solve problems to change the world! In Dream Nation, your win is my win! We can all win in Dream Nation. 

About Bella

Bella is the leader of Dream Nation. She is a super-doll because she has the super-power to see the gifts in others. Bella’s Super Glasses help girls see their super-powers! 

How Bella gets her super-powers…

One day, Bella’s mother, Yvonne brings her the treasure chest of her late grandmother, Eloise. She begins to tell her stories about how generous, loving, and caring Granny was.  Bella’s heart begins to heal as she hears the light-filled words describing the essence of her beloved grandmother. Bella is moved to go through the treasure chest, and asks to be left alone.  Bella comes across some jewelry, brooches, and finally a pair of vintage, sunflower-shaped glasses.  As soon as Bella touches the glasses, she feels something magical happen. She suddenly has a strong desire to try on Granny’s vintage glasses. As the glasses hit Bella’s face and rest on her nose, she is transformed. Instantly, she is transported to Dream Nation, a place where she feels free to dream, to draw, to paint, to design, to create, and most of all, to help others see who they really are through Granny’s vintage glasses. Through Granny’s vintage glasses, Bella can see the best in everyone. 

Get yourself a BELLA super doll!