Bella's Super Powers

How Bella gets her super-powers…

One day, Bella’s mother, Yvonne brings her the treasure chest of her late grandmother, Eloise. She begins to tell her stories about how generous, loving, and caring Granny was.  Bella’s heart begins to heal as she hears the light-filled words describing the essence of her beloved grandmother. Bella is moved to go through the treasure chest, and asks to be left alone.  Bella comes across some jewelry, brooches, and finally a pair of vintage, sunflower-shaped glasses.  As soon as Bella touches the glasses, she feels something magical happen. She suddenly has a strong desire to try on Granny’s vintage glasses. As the glasses hit Bella’s face and rest on her nose, she is transformed. Instantly, she is transported to Dream Nation, a place where she feels free to dream, to draw, to paint, to design, to create, and most of all, to help others see who they really are through Granny’s vintage glasses. Through Granny’s vintage glasses, Bella can see the best in everyone. 

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